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Category: Industry
Published: 1990
Read: 1993
Reviewed: Sep 2009

Published in 1990, this book talks about the different kinds of trading jobs within the industry, and the kinds of financial products and markets related to those jobs. It was one of the first books that I bought from Traders Press when I first started trading. I was infatuated with floor trading at the time and thought this book might talk about that a bit.

This is a really bad book, mainly because it lacks focus and has content that is mostly worthless. Part of the book talks about what it takes to be a trader, like how trading requires discipline and emotional control. But this section is so superficial and short that it is a complete waste of time. Another part of the book talks about the different kinds of trading jobs within the industry and what kinds of products they trade. This content is completely academic and dry. It basically tells you that bond traders trade bonds, and equity traders trade equities.

If someone really wants to know what it is like to be a trader, they should buy one of the "Wall Street insider" books that is published every year by someone who has worked in the industry. Not to mention, most people who land a trading job on Wall Street do so because of their education or personal connections. Prospective Wall Street traders don't get their jobs because they went out and bought a book like this. Hence, this book is pointless because there is no real need for it in the marketplace.

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