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Category: Wall Street stories
Published: 1995
Read: 1996
Reviewed: Sep 2009

Written by Gene Marcial, the "Inside Wall Street" columnist for Business Week, this book is full of stories about some of the insider trading that goes on behind the scenes of Wall Street. The book is well-written and offers nice 6 to 12 page stories that are short enough to read quickly, but long enough to be interesting. The author also categories each story into a different type of insider trading (insider tips, front-running, the Chinese Wall, etc) so readers get to hear about the naughty side of Wall Street while also getting a light education about insider trading at the same time.

One of the problems with insider-trading books is that they scare away investors from the market who think they are going to get fleeced. And they also fuel the fire of conspiracy theorists who use insiders as an excuse as to why they lose money in the markets. Insiders can definitely make money from information but they aren't going to substantially affect the return you get in the market.

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