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Category: Wall Street stories
Published: 1996
Read: 1997
Reviewed: Sep 2009

"Traders Tales", which could best be described as a coffee-table book, was one of the first books to be published by a CNBC anchor. Most books written by CNBC anchors are fluff. But, to be fair, this book is meant to be fluff. I read this during my first or second year of trading, so I was still in my "I'll read anything about the market" phase.

Insana's stories are corny and a little tame, as if he didn't want to embarrass anyone with any real stories. You'll get better "insider" stories from other books like Liar's Poker. The only interesting parts were the stories about some of the famous Wall Street people, like: Muriel Siebert, Ron Baron, Peter Lynch, Jim Rogers, and others.

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