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Category: Trader biography
Published: 1997
Read: 1998
Reviewed: Sep 2009

This book tells the story of Charles DiFrancesca ("Charlie D"), a legendary spread trader in the Treasury Bond pit at the Chicago Board of Trade who died at age 39 from lymphoma. This is not a trading strategy book. It mainly relays personal stories about the larger-than-life and philanthropic DiFrancesca as well as a couple of entertaining trading stories (like the FBI probe of the trading floor).

I bought this book because I have always been fascinated by floor trading, but this amateurly-written biography is needlessly saturated with gushing comments from friends, while being very thin on both personal details about Charlie D himself and stories about trading. The publication of this book is a bit mystifiying because it is less a biography, and more of a dedication aimed solely at people who knew him personally.

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