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Category: Trader biography
Published: 1923
Read: 1993
Reviewed: May 2010

First published in 1923, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is a fictionalized biography of stock and commodities trader Jesse Livermore, who made and lost many multi-million dollar fortunes during his lifetime. The book tells the story of Livermore's adventures in day trading in bucket shops, being a market speculator and manipulator, and trading on Wall Street. There has been no modern equivalent to this book, partly because there couldn't be. The value of the book is based on the fact that the lessons and advice in the book were written almost a century ago - proving that they are timeless and universal. It book is widely considered to be the best book ever written about trading.

Although some of the stories are out-dated and irrelevant, the book is filled with countless insightful quotes and insight regarding market behavior and investor psychology. I'm not going to write anything else because the book has been referenced so many times that I can't think of anything original to add right now.

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