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Investment Quotations

Swing Trading

"Start daytrading."
drmarkan, member of EliteTrader forums, when asked what advice he would give to a swing trader.

Technical Analysis

"T/A [technical analysis] doesn't work? Dammit! Now I guess the bank will be calling, asking me to give back all the money I put in there from trading over the years..."
Wayne Gibbous, member of EliteTrader forums.

Learning to trade

"Successful trading is simple. But the path to it, a maze. Littered with wrong turns, dead ends, mirages, fools and thieves. I've always likened it to the Rorschach inkblot - people see what they want. The market takes on whatever structure we give it. Yet its timeless form remains the same."
achilles28, member of EliteTrader forums.

"If you don't know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out."
George Goodman

Teaching trading

"No matter how much I tell anyone what filters I use, why I entered and exited every single trade, and even why I avoided taking certain trades... they still won't have my judgement...So I can tell someone all that I know, such that he spends less time on the path to developing poor judgement... but taking anything of use from me and using it to compete for my fills is not something that concerns me."
FXTraderWill, member of EliteTrader forums.


"There are over 13,000 publicly traded securities and some people trade as if they thought it was their constitutional responsibility to have a position in as many as possible"
Jonathan Hoenig

Long-term investing

"Think trading is dangerous? Try buy and hold. In my experience, the long haul is really just an excuse for leaving problems in your portfolio untouched and ignored. It encourages us to let trades become investments simply because we were wrong in our analysis."
Jonathan Hoenig

Successful traders

"Most successful traders keep silent because they have no interest in helping ignorant people do anything".
JimmyJam, member of EliteTrader forums.

"Successful traders don't want to talk to people, cos people are noise"
Lights, member of EliteTrader forums.

Unsuccessful traders

"I find that there are very few stupid people inquisitive about trading but their are plenty of what I call 'ignorant geniuses'."
ProfLogic, member of EliteTrader forums.

"You always must consider the source when reading information on Elite Trader. Many of these people come from situations and environments in life where they are allowed to be extremely ignorant, and pretty much remain so, for all of their lives."
JimmyJam, member of EliteTrader forums.

"They buy books, attend expensive courses, buy expensive software, hoping, just hoping that the coconut of knowledge will fall upon their head and endow them with riches."
fearless9, member of EliteTrader forums.

"Forget all this High School football coach stuff about never quitting. you might be better off investing your time and energy in something else."
mokwit, member of EliteTrader forums.

"On behalf of the profitable traders Worldwide, I want to thank you in advance for your capital infusion. Your hard earned money will provide much profit opportunities for all concerned."
tums, member of EliteTrader forums, when replying to a thread from an soon-to-be trader who bragged about how much money he was going to be making.

Investing Media

"If CNBC has 90% of the investing publics attention and only 10% of the people in the country hold all the wealth [then] why would you take your info from a station owned by the 10% to get advice in ... [the same] markets for which they are the counter party. That just wouldn't be very smart."
nutmeg, member of EliteTrader forums.

"Barron's is nothing but marketing literature for about 8 hedge funds, the Wall Street Journal is to Wall Street as Sports Illustrated is to sports, Fortune is People Magazine for capitalists, and The New York Post is for folks who move their lips when they read People Magazine." Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of, when talking about the uesless nature of the financial media.

"You need CNBC cause they have the 'audience liquidity' ".
cashonly, member of EliteTrader forums, when referring to the benefit of being able to get out when everyone is getting in.


"Every time the markets head south, we see the fingers of blame pointed at those "evil hedge-fund guys" and the "market manipulators" . . .They're never mentioned when the market romps to the upside. We never hear, "Gee, those 'market manipulators' are at it again" . . .No, no, no... UPSIDE malarkey is all perfectly honest, legitimate, justified and righteous! Now my stocks not only stop going up everday, but actually have the temerity to move lower??!! I need some devil to blame!"
dave, commenter on Yahoo Finance article.

Women & Money

"Suze Orman most notably opened the world to discussing finances in women's magazines. Just as multiple orgasms and masterbation would have never been seen in mags of my mother's age, finances was an untouched subject. For this I give Suze props."
Miel from, a personal finance blog.

Suze Orman

"She is selling common sense like it is quantum mechanics."
A Reader, commenter on Amazon, when talking about Suze Orman.

Personal Finance

"The phone weighs 1,000 pounds"
Ross Ferrin, divisional executive vice president of Axa, on why most financial planners fail.

Online Brokers

"Discounted broker trades are the new toasters to attract new assets."
David Trone, a Fox-Pitt Kelton analyst, in response to Bank of America and Wells Fargo offering free online trades.

Investors Conferences

"You might find something useful like a free fidelity notebook and pen."
brazilianwonder, member of EliteTrader forums.

Trading Tools

"All this crap about having 20 flat panels and shit never worked. The rule at our firm was, the more screens a guy had, the more negative his account was. The top traders in our firm kept it very simple. The more things you look at, the more it distracts you"
Maverick74, member of EliteTrader forums.


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