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Investment Advisor is a trade publication that is published monthly and is targeted toward investment advisors and financial planning professionals.

My Opinion

Even though this is a trade publication for financial advisors, many of its articles have a broader, crossover appeal. There are occasional articles about management (how to develop and manage your staff), marketing (how to listen to clients, how to market your services, how to brand yourself), sales ("Do you believe your own rhetoric?"), business trends (wind farms), investing (socially responsible investing), or basic personal finance issues (saving for college).

Since the magazine's focuses on financial planning, one its puposes is to enlighten readers about the relationship between people and money. These topics can also have crossover appeal. For example, they may talk about the cultural differences when it comes to general monetary habits. You may learn about India's or China's high savings rate or that Islamic religious laws forbid companies from profiting off of interest. Or you may learn that many people from emerging economies tend to invest in commodities because they do not have a well developed financial system. This can clue you into some of the fundamental drivers of the commodity markets that may come in useful later on. Or you may learn about the increasing spending of the Hispanic community. And because the magazine's subject matter focuses on the relationship between a financial advisor and their clients, the magazine allows you to learn about financial advisors.

My Recommendation

This magazine doesn't have much content that can directly help an investor or trader so I definitely recommend skipping it. But for those people who are interested in personal finance and like to read everything they can get their hands on then this magazine may have some good content. You can get it for free under certain conditions.


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