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Fortune is a bi-weekly magazine that concentrates on general business issues. Their focus areas are listed below (the share of their content in each area is in parenthesis):

  • Business (60%)
    These are profiles of various businesses and business people.

  • Investing (10%)
    These are articles that analyze or recommend specific stocks.

  • Politics (10%)
    These are political issues like health care.

  • Social (10%)
    These are articles about different social issues, like the environment or how our workplace is changing.

  • Lifestyle (10%)
    Articles profiling items to buy like art or Lamborghinis.

My Opinion

Fortune is very similar to Forbes - but without the conservative bent (although it is not explicitly liberal either). The magazine has well-written profiles and analysis on various businesses and business people. They tend to write about companies that aren't necessarily in the news and they concentrate disproportionately on mature, blue-chip companies (like Chrysler or Motorola).

Like I stated in my review of Forbes, this bias towards mature companies is dissapointing. These large, stagnant companies make good value plays every once in a while but it's a waste of time to be constantly reading about them in between these times. For example, if I read an article about issues at Motorola (like a restructuring of the company) I think, "OK, these problems won't be solved for another two years so this doesn't do anything for me." After reading those kinds of articles I feel like I know more about the businesses but I don't walk away feeling like I just came up with a new investing idea. I suppose these kinds of articles have value to long-term investors who don't mind keeping their ideas on the back burner so that they can pounce on the stock when they are ready. During times when I take a break from investing and I am not looking for "actionable" information, I enjoy reading these magazines more.

My Recommendation

Similar to Forbes, Fortune is not a bad magazine to add to your research arsenal. It has a few decent articles every month. But since there is little direct investing information, you still need to go and do some technical analysis and valuation.


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