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How To Use This Site

Content Sections

  • Welcome. This section is important to read because it explains what the site is about, what its goals are, and how to use this site.

  • Education. This section has tutorials which teach all aspects of investing. Keep in mind these are not actual investing techniques so this information itself will not make you money directly, but these are the basic building blocks to your investment education. This section has a lot of "plain" information like beginners' tutorials on different investing subjects. I recommend that beginners read every single page in this section because I wrote them to be full of useful information, but also to be very concise. If you know nothing about investing you can learn a lot here in a short amount of time.

    If you are an intermediate or advanced trader then I recommend you skim over every page in this section one time because I have stated my opinion on the different aspects of investing under the "My Opinion" subheading and you may pick up something useful. For example, I have some interesting comments about the risks of IPOs on the IPO tutorial page. When skimming over each page you can skip over stuff like "What is a stock?" and jump down to "My Opinion."

  • Resources. This section reviews the tools that traders use like books, online brokers, and investment publications. Everyone should read the pages about each investment publication.

  • Trading. This is the where a lot of the value-added content is. This section has some static information about taxes but the two great sections are the sections illustrating the techniques I use and the other section is my journals.

  • Info. This section has reference information (like profiles on stock exchanges) and fun stuff like reviews of movies about the stock market. The information in this section won't improve your investing performance but you can still gain some knowledge about the investing world by reading about some of the famous traders and investors.

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How To Use This Site
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