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Condé Nast Portfolio was a monthly business magazine published by Condé Nast from 2007 to 2009 that concentrated on general business issues and featured high-profile journalists. It considered itself a source for "serious business journalism." The magazine announced its closing on April 27, 2009. Their focus areas are listed below (the share of their content in each area is in parenthesis):

  • Business (60%)

  • Economy (5%)

  • Personal Finance (10%)

  • Social (20%)

  • Politics (5%)

My Opinion

Since this magazine is no longer in existence, I won't be writing much.

Although this is a high-quality magazine, a couple of things bothered me. First, they tended to profile people way more often than they profiled busineses.

Second, they seemed to make a deliberate effort to profile "power" people rather than business people. Obviously, the two categories overlap quite a bit but I noticed they would profile people like presidents and billionaires rather than more relevant figures. After noticing this tendency, I specifically skimmed through 3 random issues to see if I could verify the pattern. I quickly found some blatant examples: the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump Jr, and Mayor Bloomberg. None of these people have a large effect on the business world.

Even the business issues they profiled tended to be "power-oriented", like investment banks, corporate life, and private equity - as opposed to areas like small business, consumer products, industry trends, or technology.


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