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Checking Account Spreadsheet


You can download the file from the following link - checking-account-spreadsheet.xlsx


This free Excel file is a very useful spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your checking account. It automatically calculates your "actual balance" and "cleared balance". I have been using this spreadsheet for my personal use for the last 7 years.


  1. For each transaction, enter: the date, description, and amount as either a deposit or withdrawal (as a positive number).
  2. When you reconcile each transaction, simply put an "x" in the "X" column in order to record a transaction as posted. And the "cleared" column automatically updates.


  • There is a sample sheet to show you examples.
  • The green headers are fixed in place to make it easier to know which columns are which.


  • You can delete rows without it messing anything up.
  • You can insert new rows without it messing anything up. If you do insert a new row, however, you will need to drag down the formulas for the "Balance" and "Cleared" columns into the new blank cells.
  • If you want to add in a column to record your "check #", feel free to add in a new column after the date column.
  • It's best not to move a row (by cut and pasting) to another location.


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